Chuckatuck Fire Department

The Chuckatuck Volunteer Fire Department is located on Kings Highway approximately ½ mile from Hwy. 10. This location allows the fire department to provide fire protection and emergency medical first response to northwestern Suffolk along with a portion of Isle of Wight County.

We are very proud to serve our community solely as a volunteer department; with over 50 volunteer professionals. Our members come from throughout our community to provide trained and professional service. All of our members are required to obtain a minimum of Firefighter Level I certification within one year of joining. Members participate in both regional and in house training courses. Many of our members are certified Fire Instructors and Fire Officers, and many hold various medical certifications from EMT-Basic through the Paramedic level.

The Chuckatuck Volunteer Fire Department operates out of a modern fire station that was constructed in 1998. We have 2 Engines (Engine 9 and Engine 29) 1 Tanker (Tanker 9) 1 Brush Truck (Brush 9) and a command vehicle (Car 109). The station and all apparatus is owned, operated, and maintained by the members of our department.

If you are interested in joining feel free to contact any department member, or email Membership Chairman Robert Teel at 

Reported Structure Fire Bob White Rd

Saturday, January 23, 2010  At around 0950 this morning Engine 9, Tanker 9 and Car 109 responded to a reported structure fire as the second due companies in IOW County.  Smithfield (1st due) went enroute with Engine 52 and 53.  Car 309 (A/C Dortch) was the first to arrive finding a one story residence with nothing evident from the exterior.  This house was located down a long unpaved (muddy) driveway, incoming units were assigned to level 1 staging on the paved road.  Members reported a shorted electrical outlet with no extension and cleared all the assigned apparatus with the exception of E52.  309 held command.



Upcoming Training

Wednesday, January 13, 2010  Don't forget upcoming training events at the station:

January 18th at 1830 - EMS continuing ed

February 1 at 1900 - Atmospheric monitoring.  Class provided by VDEM hazmat officer.  Covering a review of basic monitoring techniques as well as an overview of our new meters. 

Contact 109 with any questions.



Godwin Bl Chimney Fire

Sunday, January 10, 2010 08:09 Engine 9, Tanker 9 and Car 109 responded with the second due companies to a reported chimney fire in the 5700 block of Godwin Blvd.  Caller reported fire venting from the chimney.  E9 arrived to find moderate smoke from the chimney with a light smoke condition in the residence.  E9 stretched a line to the front door and began checking for extension.  Tanker 9 staged with the engine.  Command assigned other incoming units to Level 1 staging.  E9 reported no extension.  Released all the companies with the exception of E9 and M9a.  E9 worked to overhaul the chimney and remove the smoldering material from the woodstove.  Crews operated for just over an hour.  E29 remained staffed in the station.  Car 109 (Parsons) had command. Total St 9 personnel responding - 14



Structure Fire Spring Lake Drive

Engine 29

Engine 29

Tuesday, January 5, 2010 12:44 The day started early for Station 9 crews when Engine 9 was moved to Suffolk station 4 to cover for a working fire on Holland Rd at 0325.  E9 was released around 0800.  This was followed up by a transfer to Suffolk station 5 while the north end companies were committed on a natural gas leak in a commercial building (E29 was staffed in station during both transfers).  After clearing the second backfill, E9 returned to the station and the crew started cooking lunch.  At 1244 we were alerted for a reported garage fire in IOW county on Spring Lake Dr.  E29 (Par 4, Spencer OIC), Tanker 9 (Par 2), and Car 109 (Parsons) responded leaving E9 staffed in the station.  Car 109 arrived to find a detached garage well off exposing a house trailer and several vehicles.  E29 arrived and backed into the driveway, leading off with a 2 1/2" attack line.  Tanker 9 arrived to establish the water supply.  Command requested Carrollton Tanker 10, Quint 10 was already on the road as well as Smithfield E51 and E52.  Quint 10 arrived and pulled the second line and assisted with knocking the fire.  E51 went to a dry hydrant at IOW Industrial Park to establish a draft site.  Tanker 10 took the water supply position and Tanker 9 was used to shuttle from the draft location.  Crews from the three departments worked well and prevented extension beyond the fire building.  Car 109 had the command.  Other units on scene : Carrollton Rescue 10, Squad 10, 101 (Acree), Smithfield 501 (Stallings), IOW Sheriffs Office. Total St 9 members responding - 17



Hawk Ln Structure Fire

Sunday, December 6, 2009  On Sunday evening Engines 9, 1, Tanker 9, Rescue 1 and Battalion 2 were dispatched to a report of smoke coming from a residence on Hawk Ln.  Engine 9 was the initial company on scene reporting light smoke from the charlie side of a story and a half dwelling.  Tanker 9 went to staging and Engine 29 marked on scene at the hydrant.  E9's crew stretched a line to the front door and reported that the interior was clear and they were accessing the attic.  Engine 1 and Rescue 1 arrived and were held in staging.  Crews found an apparent electrical problem in the attic that was quickly extinguished.  Companies were released with Engine 9 held for overhaul.  P Humphries had command.



Crittenden Rd Cotton Picker Fire

Wednesday, November 4, 2009 13:15 At 1315 station 9 was alerted to a reported brush fire in the 7800 block of Crittenden Rd.  Brush 9, Tanker 9, and Car 109 responded to the call.  Brush 9 arrived to find a pile of cotton burning in the rear of a field as well as some smoldering cotton burning in the hopper of the picker.  Brush 9 deployed a line with class A foam initially on the picker and later moved to the piles.  Tanker 9 provided the water supply, Car 109 (Parsons) had command.  This was followed by an EMS call in IOW County with Carrollton VFD.



Longview Dr. Vehicle Accident

Monday, November 2, 2009  At 2313 Engine 9 was dispatched to a reported accident with injuries in the 21000 block of Longview Drive in IOW County.  Car 109 (Parsons) arrived on scene to find a single vehicle off the road, sitting upright in the ditch.  109 established command.  Command requested a second medic to respond with Carrollton Squad 10A that was already enroute.  Engine 9 arrived and assisted with patient care and provided scene lighting.  Carrollton Squad 10 and Medic 11 arrived and transported the occupants.  The incident was turned over to the sheriffs office with units clearing just after midnight.



Steady Weekend for Engine 9

Monday, October 26, 2009  Friday night started with a transfer assignment for Engine 9.  While crews downtown took in a working fire, Engine 9 was transferred to Station 4.  While covering 4's district we were dispatched to a fire alarm at the hospital which was determined to be accidental in nature.  Saturday brought a reported oven fire in Chuckatuck Village Apts.  Engine 9 arrived (R Kelly OIC) to find a light smoke condition from some melted plastic on the oven element.  The incoming units were cleared, E9 was assigned to ventilate.  Car 109 (Parsons) had command.  At 0602 on Sunday morning, E9 was dispatched with Carrollton St 10 to a reported overturned vehicle on Quaker Rd in the county.  Car 309 (Dortch) arrived to find a single vehicle on its side and established command.  E9, Car 109 and Carrollton Zone 10 (101) arrived.  The occupants had apparetly left the area, units cleared after a thorough search.



St James Av

Thursday, October 8, 2009  Around 0430 Engine 9 was dispatched to a backfill assignment at Suffolk Station 1, while the downtown companies were operating on a second alarm.  Engine 9 went enroute with a crew of four while another crew was left in quarters to staff the second engine.  While enroute command requested the third alarm which prompted Engine 9 to the scene.  On arrival we laid in our own supply line and set up the deluge gun to operate on the bravo exposure.  We were later repositioned to operate a handline from division 3 of a neighboring building onto the b exposure, and finally to overhaul in the exposure building until crews were pulled for structural integrity concerns.  After picking up (thanks to E10's crew for the help) we cleared and headed back to the village.

E9 at sunrise

E9 at sunrise


NC peanut company fire

Peanut warehouse fire in Severn, NC.

Peanut warehouse fire in Severn, NC.

Monday, August 31, 2009  Just after 0800 Tanker 9 was requested to respond to an industrial fire in Severn, NC.  After an approximate one hour response to the scene, the crew participated in a water shuttle for a fire involving a peanut warehouse.  Capt Kelly and Lt Porter were committed to the scene for around 9 hours before being released by command.  E9 and Car 109 took in a smell of smoke in a residence on Crittenden Rd while the tanker crew was out.  The problem was isolated to an air handler and the other companies were cleared (Eng and L5, Tanker 10, and B2). 



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