Chuckatuck Fire Department
The Chuckatuck Volunteer Fire Department is located on Kings Highway approximately ½ mile from Hwy. 10. This location allows the fire department to provide fire protection and emergency medical first response to northwestern Suffolk along with a portion of Isle of Wight County.

We are very proud to serve our community solely as a volunteer department; with over 50 volunteer professionals. Our members come from throughout our community to provide trained and professional service. All of our members are required to obtain a minimum of Firefighter Level I certification within one year of joining. Members participate in both regional and in house training courses. Many of our members are certified Fire Instructors and Fire Officers, and many hold various medical certifications from EMT-Basic through the Paramedic level.

The Chuckatuck Volunteer Fire Department operates out of a modern fire station that was constructed in 1998. We have 2 Engines (Engine 9 and Engine 29) 1 Tanker (Tanker 9) 1 Brush Truck (Brush 9) and a command vehicle (Car 109). The station and all apparatus is owned, operated, and maintained by the members of our department.

If you are interested in joining feel free to contact any department member, or email  Membership Chairman Jeff Parsons at

Units Respond to Entrapment in IOW

Tuesday, March 17, 2015   Around 1700 hours, Engine 29 was dispatched to a reported auto accident with entrapment in the area of Darden Lane and Woodland Drive in Isle of Wight.

Engine 29 (Lt. Bailey), Car 209 (AC Dortch), Car 109 (Chief Johnson), and Car 509 (Capt. Spencer) responded to the scene.

Upon 209's arrival, he found a single vehicle with heavy damage, with 1 confirmed entrapment. Car 209 established Woodland Drive Command.

Car 509 was placed in charge of extrication, and with the help of Engine 29 and C109, removed one occupant via the passenger side of the vehicle.

Smithfield VFD Rescue 50 responded at request of C209 for additional extrication help, and Carrolton Rescue 10 responded to establish a landing zone for Nightengale.

Medic units from Isle of Wight Rescue Station 60 responded - one unit ground transported the entrapped patient to a local trauma center due to Nightingale diverting to another call, and a second obtained a patient refusal.

Units responding to Woodland: Chuckatuck Engine 29, Car 109, 209, and 509; Carrolton Rescue 10 and Car 111; Smithfield Rescue 50; Isle of Wight County DES ES3; Isle of Wight Rescue Squad Medics 61 and 62; Isle of Wight Sherriffs Department, and Virginia State Police.

While units were operating at the entrapment, Tanker 9 (Capt. Rose) responded to a residential structure fire in our second due, and was cleared shortly after.



Woodland Drive MVA

Sunday, March 15, 2015   On 3-15-15, Chuckatuck Volunteers were dispatched with Smithfield VFD and IOWVRS to a report of a MVC at the intersection of Carroll Bridge Rd and Woodland Drive. Chuckatuck A/C Dortch (Car209) responded with E29 (Lt. Saunders) and County Fire & Rescue units to the incident. C209 arrived on scene of a single vehicle in to a tree with one occupant on Woodland Dr. just west of Longview Dr.. Car 209 established and held the "Woodland Drive Command" to find a single occupant, not trapped and complaining of a minor superficial wound to the head and refusing EMS care. Command cleared Smithfield VFD and downgraded E29 and IOWVRS M63 to non emergency response. There were no hazards and medical personnel obtained a patient refusal. Command cleared all units and turned the scene over the IOW Sheriff's Department.  
Chuckatuck VFD - Car 209, Engine 29


Smithfield VFD - A/C 505, Engine 51 and Rescue 50



Engine 29, Tanker 9 Respond to Residential Fire

Friday, March 6, 2015   Around 1320, Engine 29 (Lt. Saunders) was alerted with units from SFR  to a reported residential structure fire in the 3400 block of Knotts Neck Road. Tanker 9 (SFF White) also responded, requested by Battalion 2.

Upon the arrival of the first units, they reported a residential structure, with heavy fire showing.

Engine 29 assisted with fire suppression activities, and Tanker 9 assisted with water supply. Over all, units operated just under 6 hours.

Engine 9 remained staffed in the station for the duration of the event.



Tanker 9 Participates in Water Supply Training with SVFD

Monday, March 2, 2015   Tonight, Tanker 9 participated in water supply training with Smithfield VFD, Station 50. 

Personnel participated and reviewed tanker shuttle operations, drafting operations, and considerations of rural water supply.

Thank you to Smithfield VFD for the invitation



2014 Fireman of the Year and Top Responder Awards

Wednesday, February 25, 2015   Tonight, the 2014 Fireman of the Year was announced, as well as the 2014 Top Responders.

CVFD chooses the Fireman of the Year based upon a full membership vote, normally held at the January business meeting. All members (with the exception of Apprentice members) are eligible to vote.

Also, CVFD recognizes the top 3 responders of the year - based upon percentage of calls ran.

Please congratulate Senior Firefighter Henry White on being selected the 2014 Fireman of the Year! SFF White serves as a huge asset to CVFD, and continues to display great dedication day in and day out. SFF White also received the 3rd in the Top 3 Responders of 2014.

Also, please congratulate Lieutenant Jay Saunders for receiving 1st in the Top 3, and Chief Jacob Johnson for number 2. Both Lt. Saunders and Chief Johnson are huge assets as well, and continue to move CVFD in a positive direction.

Firefighter of the Year: Senior Firefighter Henry White

1st Place in Calls Ran: Lieutenant Jay Saunders

2nd Place in Calls Ran: Chief Jacob Johnson

3rd Place in Calls Ran: Senior Firefighter Henry White



Longview Drive Brush Fire

Sunday, February 8, 2015   Around 1400 hours, units were alerted for a mutual aid request for Isle of Wight for a reported brush fire.

Engine 29 with 3 (Lt. Bailey), Brush 9 (Lt. Saunders), Tanker 9 (Chief Johnson/Lt. Porter), and Car 209 (A/C Dortch) responded to the scene.

Car 209 arrived on the scene first, and reported approximately 1/2 acre brush fire, actively spreading. Car 209 (A/C Dortch) established and held Longview Command.

Brush 9, Engine 29, Smithfield Brush 50, Carrollton Rescue 10, Carrollton Chief 10, and Carrollton  Brush 10 operated on the scene for fire extinguishment; Smithfield Tanker 50, Tanker 9, Carrollton Engine 10, and Carrsville Engine 22 (Acting as Carrollton Tanker 10) assisted with water supply. 

Suffolk Engine 6 backfilled Chuckatuck Station 9 until units began to clear.

Units were separated into 3 groups to attack the head (Lt. Bailey, Car 909), and the two flanks (SVFD A/C Savage, 503, and Carrollton Chief Acree (Chief 10). 

Virginia Department of Forestry was requested and responded with a plow, that cut a fire line around the burnt area to contain.

All units operated just shy of 3 1/2 hours, with approximately 2 acres burned, before clearing and returning to quarters. This wind driven brush fire would not have been able to be extinguished without the help of Smithfield VFD, Carrolton VFD, and Virginia Department of Forestry.

We are also grateful for Suffolk Fire Engine 6, so that our citizens would remain under professional protection, just as they are everyday.

Units on scene: Chuckatuck Engine 29, Brush 9, Tanker 9, C209; Smithfield Brush 50, Tanker 50, C503; Carrolton Engine 10, Brush 10, Engine 22 (Acting as Tanker 10), Chief 10.

Pictures to come shortly



Cotton Farm Lane Brush Fire

Saturday, February 7, 2015  Around 1530 hours, while doing company training on hose deployment,  units were alerted to the 1800 block of Cotton Farm Lane for a reported brush fire. 

Engine 29 (Lt. Bailey) with a crew of 4, Brush 9 (FF Foster), Tanker 9 (Senior FF White) with a crew of 2, C109 (Chief Johnson), C209 (AC Dortch), and C309 (AC Parsons) responded to the scene.

Upon arrival, units found a controlled burn that had spread to the woods. Engine 29 held Cotton Farm Command. Units extinguished using booster lines from Engine 29 and Brush 9, and an 1 3/4" attack line from Engine 29. Tanker 9 was staged and later cleared by Command.

After the fire was out, units soaked the area using Class A foam from our POK nozzle to ensure complete extinguishment, and overhaul was conducted to mitigate any hot spots.

Total Chuckatuck personnel responding: 13, including 3 standing by at Station 9 for a second call.

Pictures to be posted soon.



Vehicle Fire While on Backfill Assignment

Friday, February 6, 2015   Around 2100, while Engine 9 was backfilling Station 50 (Smithfield VFD) for their annual awards banquet, they were alerted to a vehicle fire in the area of Four Square Road and Magnet Drive.

Engine 9 with a crew of 3 (Captain Spencer), and SVFD 503 (AC Savage) arrived to find a passenger vehicle well involved.

Fire attack was made by Engine 9's crew and 503 using an 1 3/4" attack line, and overhaul was performed to mitigate any hot spots.

After Engine 9 packed up and cleared, they returned to Station 50 for a short time before returning to Chuckatuck.



New Chief for Chuckatuck VFD

Wednesday, January 28, 2015  For only the 5th time in the history of Chuckatuck VFD, the role of Fire Chief has been passed on.

Tonight, at the first business meeting of 2015, Chief Jacob Johnson took the helm as Fire Chief from Chief Greg Parsons. 

In the announcement, Chief Parsons announced that Chief Johnson will be taking the helm, and that he is confident he will serve the department, it's members, and the community outstandingly.

Chief Parsons will continue to serve in the capacity of Assistant Chief, alongside Assistant Chief Travis Dortch.



New Years Eve Shed Fire

Thursday, January 1, 2015   At 1444, New Years Eve, Engine 29 (Lt. Porter) and Tanker 9 (Winslow) responded with Suffolk Fire and Rescue Medic 9A, Engine 6, Ladders 5 & 6, EMS 1 and Battalion 2  to a reported shed fire on Mulberry Lane. Car 109 (Parsons) advised dispatch that there were hydrants nearby and cleared Tanker 9. On arrival Medic 9A reported a shed in the rear of a residence that was fully involved. Engine 29 arrived on scene, established its own water supply from a nearby hydrant, and initiated fire attack. Car 309 (Johnson) arrived on scene shortly after Engine 29, established "Mulberry Command," and cleared Ladder 5. SFR Engine 6 and Ladder 6 arrived and assisted with fire attack. Engine 9 (Lt. Saunders) arrived on scene par three and allowed command to clear Engine 6. Ladder 6 was cleared soon after by command, and units remaining on scene awaited the on duty Fire Marshall before completing overhaul. While crews were waiting for the investigation to be completed, Engine 9 was able to clear the scene and pick up an EMS call with Medic 9A. In all 14 members responded. 



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