Chuckatuck Fire Department

The Chuckatuck Volunteer Fire Department is located on Kings Highway approximately ½ mile from Hwy. 10. This location allows the fire department to provide fire protection and emergency medical first response to northwestern Suffolk along with a portion of Isle of Wight County.

We are very proud to serve our community solely as a volunteer department; with over 50 volunteer professionals. Our members come from throughout our community to provide trained and professional service. All of our members are required to obtain a minimum of Firefighter Level I certification within one year of joining. Members participate in both regional and in house training courses. Many of our members are certified Fire Instructors and Fire Officers, and many hold various medical certifications from EMT-Basic through the Paramedic level.

The Chuckatuck Volunteer Fire Department operates out of a modern fire station that was constructed in 1998. We have 2 Engines (Engine 9 and Engine 29) 1 Tanker (Tanker 9) 1 Brush Truck (Brush 9) and a command vehicle (Car 109). The station and all apparatus is owned, operated, and maintained by the members of our department.

If you are interested in joining feel free to contact any department member, or email Membership Chairman Robert Teel at 

A steady day for the Chuckatuck volunteers.

Monday, September 15, 2014   Monday - September 15 2014, brought a steady day for the CVFD.

06:05 - E29 (Lt. Bailey) & M9A (Flick) took in a medical emergency on Cotton Farm Ln..  E29 cleared after M9 and E29 assessed the situation. M9 handled pt. paperwork. 

14:15 - E29 (A/C Dortch) was dispatched and en route to a medical emergency in our fourth due district on Livingston Ln.. We were shortly cleared by E3 (Capt. Brower) who was clearing from a working fire on Nansemond Parkway. E29 went available and staged near Rt.17 / Crittenden Rd. until E3 and E5 could clear from Livingston Ln. and Nansemond Parkway.  E29 cleared approx 14:45 and return to quarters.

15:10 - E29 (A/C Dortch) was dispatched to our third due for an Automatic Fire Alarm @ Kings Fork High School. E29 was the second apparatus o/s and staged at the hydrant, until cleared by Command (E4) with a system malfunction.  E29 cleared and returned to quarters. 

23:22 - E29 (Capt. Johnson) was dispatched to a vehicle fire in the area of Crittenden Rd / Kings Hwy.. After investigation, it was found to be a Good Intent call with No Hazard. People were working on a vehicle near a garage, but no fire. E29 cleared and returned to service. 



Your Volunteers Particpate in Truck Company Operations School

Sunday, September 14, 2014   This weekend, your volunteers participated in a Truck Company Operations school hosted by Smithfield Volunteer Fire Department.

Firefighter Austin Brandriff, Lieutenant Eddie Brock, and Lieutenant Chris Bailey attended class which covered several topics including roof ventilation, victim removal, VES (vent, enter, search) and forcible entry.

The first day of class was held at Smithfield Station 50, and the second day was held at the burn building at the Virginia Beach Fire Training Center.

Captain Matt Spencer helped teach through the duration of the class, and students were taught by guest instructors Jon Hart and Matt Verlaque of Chillum-Adelphi Volunteer Fire Department, Prince George's County Station 34.

A big shout out to all of the instructors that helped teach, and to Smithfield Volunteer Fire Department for another outstanding class.



Your Volunteers Take in Entrapment on Route 10

Monday, September 1, 2014   Around 0630 this morning, Engine 29 was dispatched with units from Suffolk Fire-Rescue to a reported single vehicle MVC with entrapment in the 4900-Block of Godwin Boulevard

Upon arrival, Car 609 (Lt. Brock) reported a single vehicle in the roadway with major damage, 1 confirmed entrapment, and 1 victim outside of the vehicle.

Engine 29 (Capt. Johnson) arrived on the scene and established "Godwin Command". 

The entrapped victim was extricated with the teamwork of Engine 29 and SFR Ladder 6, and transported via Nightengale air ambulance.

The other victim was treated by Medic 9A and transported to a local facility.

Engine 29 held the command for the duration of the incident, and Godwin Boulevard remained close for approximately an hour, before being cleared by the tow company.

Chuckatuck Units Responding: Engine 29 (Capt. Johnson), 409 (Capt. Rose), 509 (Capt. Spencer), 609 (Lt. Brock), and 909 (Lt. Bailey).

Total Members Responding (both to the scene and station): 10



Roof Ventilation Training with Smithfield VFD.

Monday, August 25, 2014 Training Tonight your volunteers took a trip to Smithfield VFD to do Flat Roof Ventilation Training on their props they have.  It was a lot of great information provided by members of SVFD to our members and a great time for our guys to get some tool time.  Thank you again to SVFD for allowing us to train with you all.  



Engine 9 and Tanker 9 Respond to Residential Fire in Smithfield

Thursday, August 14, 2014   Around 1045 this morning, Tanker 9 (Lt. Saunders) was alerted for a mutual aid request for Isle of Wight reference a residential structure in the 6200-Block of Stallings Creek Drive. Tanker 9 responded with a crew of 2, and upon arrival, was assigned to assist in water supply operations.

About 30 minutes after initial dispatch, Stallings Creek Command advised they needed another Engine, so Engine 9 (Lt. Bailey) responded to the scene with a crew of 3.

Upon the arrival of Engine 9, both units engaged in exterior and roof operations, before engaging in interior salvage and overhaul.

While Engine 9 and Tanker 9 were out, Engine 29 (Chief Parsons) remained staffed in quarters, and picked up an EMS call in the 5200-Block of Godwin Boulevard.

Photos supplied by Smithfield Volunteer Fire Department and Chuckatuck Lieutenant Jay Saunders



Your Volunteers Take In Residential Structure Fire

Monday, August 11, 2014   Around 1000 hours, Engine 29, Tanker 9, Medic 9A, and units from Suffolk Fire-Rescue, were alerted to a residential structure fire in the 7100-Block of Crittenden Road. 

Medic 9A arrived on scene to find a single story residential structure with smoke showing from an attached garage.

Engine 29 arrived and established "Crittenden Command". Engine 29 advanced a 1 3/4" line to a finished room over the garage (FROG) and initiated primary fire attack.

Car 109 arrived and assumed the command.

With the assistance of the SFR Units, the fire was contained to the FROG, with no damage to the house.

Command cleared all units with the exception of 29, and transferred command to Engine 29 while they finished salvage and overhaul. 

For the duration of the incident, Engine 9 remained staffed in quarters.



A Busy Day For Your Volunteers

Monday, August 4, 2014  A busy day for your Chuckatuck volunteers - It started around 0800 hours when Engine 29 (Lt. Saunders) ran a service call in the 7100-Block of Crittenden Road. 

Shortly after, around 0945, Engine 29 (Lt. Saunders) and Medic 9A responded to an EMS call in the 1700-Block of Oyster Bay Lane.

Then, around 1215, Engine 29 (Lt. Bailey) and Car 509 (Capt. Spencer) responded to a reported structural collapse/technical rescue in the 6100-Block of Everets Road. Engine 29 and M9A arrived to find a male subject trapped under the floor of a home. The subject was removed with the assistance of SFR units, and evaluated by Medic 9A. 

As always, your volunteers are at the ready to respond when needed!



Your Volunteers Participate in Training with Smithfield VFD

Monday, August 4, 2014   Tonight, Engine 9 (Lt. Bailey), with a crew of 3. and Car 509 (Capt. Spencer) participated in MayDay/RIT (Rapid Intervention Team) training with Smithfield Volunteer Fire Department. 

Topics covered were calling the mayday, radio communications, building searches, and firefighter/victim removal. 

It was a great training exercise with one of our neighbor departments, with whom we frequently run mutual aid, and a good refresher for all involved.

Our thanks go out to SVFD for the invitation.

While Engine 9 was out, Engine 29 remained staffed in quarters.



Chuckatuck VFD Participates in SFR Live Fire Training

Saturday, July 26, 2014  This week, your Chuckatuck volunteers have participated in city wide live fire training with units from the other volunteer fire departments and Suffolk Fire-Rescue.

Wednesday, July 23rd, CVFD sent a crew of 3.

Thursday, July 24th, CVFD sent a crew of 4, as previously posted, training got scrubbed due to bad weather.

Friday, July 25th, CVFD sent a crew of 3.

As previously posted, the training was intended to introduce and orient staff to SFR's new Thermal Imaging Cameras. Friday afternoon, after interior training was completed, a full exterior burn was conducted.

While the crews were out training all three days, our 2nd engine remained staffed in quarters.



Steady Thursday For the Tuck.

Thursday, July 24, 2014   Thursday (8:20am) started off with E29 going with a full crew to Old Myrtle Rd for the City of Suffolk T.I.C. training. The city has purchased (9) Thermal Imagers with another round of purchasing of (8) cameras (ISG cameras). Chuckatuck VFD currently operates with MSA 5600 Thermal Imaging cameras on E29 and E9 for several years now. As crews from CVFD and SFD were setting up for the training evolution, a strong line of severe storms rolled in to the city producing unsafe conditions and multiple calls.  Training was cancelled, due to the weather conditions. E29 returned to service.
12:50pm E29 (Lt. Bailey) and took in a EMS call on Crittenden Rd. with M9 crew.
16:35, Station 9 and 6 units were alerted of a first due residential fire alarm on Governors Wharf Dr. As E29 (Lt. Saunders) was marking en route cancellation was received by dispatch and E29 cleared all units and continued non-emergency to verify. Fire alarm accidentally set off by the keypad and E29returned to service.
19:15 hrs several strong thunderstorms with heavy rains, wind and strong lighting rolled through the area the station was staffed with (9) personnel. Suffolk downtown fire units were steady through this time with several submerged vehicles and a few electrical issues. 
22:56 - E29 was dispatched for a vehicle smoking from MVC w/ no injuries. E29 (Lt. Brock) had the command with no fire, injuries or hazard(s) and driver left in another vehicle. E29 cleared and turned scene over to Suffolk PD. July 25th 2014
01:26 E29 (Capt. Johnson) took in an EMS call in Isle of Wight County for a patient that had fallen.  E29 crew arrived o/s first and began treatment till the arrival of Carrollton Medic 11. Pt. care was transferred and pt. packaged, E29 returned to the city. E9 remained in quarters staffed through all these calls. 



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